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What is coaching?  Coaching is self-directed problem solving.  It’s eliciting performance from you to realize your potential. It’s about helping you with your goals, getting you from A to B.  It’s about encouragement, confidence building, celebrating victories and helping you be accountable for your objectives.  Coaching is for people who want to effect change in life, and it works!

My coaching services are provided through De Novo Enterprises, LLC, a coaching and consulting company.  I specialize in working with legal professionals who struggle with managing their careers while preserving work/life balance, concerns that are common to all professionals.  I assist each client in developing a proactive strategy reflecting that client’s values, skills and practical needs.   Many clients are in transition and need job search consulting services.   My services include the following:

  • interview role play, including interview skills development and salary negotiation strategy
  • interview de-briefing
  • job search strategies
  • outplacement counseling and related assistance for companies
  • assisting in the development of resumes, cover letters, bios and follow-up letters
  • coaching regarding career development and career management
  • coaching for those experiencing job stress, job loss and career transition
  • onboarding coaching
  • networking and elevator pitch coaching
  • entrepreneurial challenges (business owners, consultants or freelancers)

Coaching services are available face-to-face for clients in Central New Jersey, USA at the client’s request. Otherwise, coaching services are available via phone or Skype.

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: coaching services will be conducted exclusively via Skype.

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