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January 4, 2012

Just For Today

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By Linda Tancs

There is a Dear Abby column that inaugurates each new year called Just For Today.  It’s a list of things you can try to do, even if it’s just for today:  things like being optimistic, living in the moment, taking care of your health, taking action, being agreeable, being happy, and improving your mind.  Try it.  Start your own list of affirmations, beginning each one with “just for today.”   That column is the perfect reminder that it’s the moment that counts.  Before you know it, you’ll have many todays behind you and be well on your way to developing better habits, but you need to look at what is–and move from there.  As one of my favorite sayings goes,

Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is a mystery

Today is a gift–that’s why we call it “the present”

Happy New Year!

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